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October 2020 Employee Spotlight: Gary Crouch

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Feb 3

Gary Crouch

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What I Do for You

As the remaining founder and CEO of CS3 Technology, I am tasked with the responsibility of running interference.  In every relationship, there are challenges to overcome and I fill many days with those challenges.  A customer finds an issue with their software and the normal channels fail to resolve the issue, guess who gets the call???  One of our outstanding consultants has an issue with an alliance partner not understanding the customer’s requirements, guess who gets the call???

Of course, it’s not all about complaints.  I also get to recognize the accomplishments of our great team such as Brandi’s 23rd anniversary with CS3, or the compliment of “I can’t imagine our project going ANY better!” during a recent project closing meeting.  These are the great days I get to celebrate with our team. 

And there are the planning tasks.  Where is business technology taking us?  What trends are going to affect our services and our customer’s business success?  How can I improve the value and growth of our employees?  These are the responsibilities that keep me challenged.

The CS3 Service Pillar I Find Most Natural

Sorry, I cannot stop with just one.  The following are what I find most important in life as well as business.  Improvements are needed in every area of our society; we can always do better. A positive attitude, especially during a crisis, allows for hope and resolution. Delivering value while protecting integrity is a sign of our value to those who surround us.

Look for Improvements

Your relationship is based on trust and your ability to find and create solutions. Help your client identify needs they might not be aware of by looking past the immediate pain and finding the root cause. Propose solutions or further research with the goal of developing alternatives.

Project a Positive Attitude

Adversity and challenges are part of every engagement. They should always be met with a "can-do" spirit. A positive attitude is contagious to the rest of the team.

Focus on Delivering Value

Everything you do for a client should provide a return on their investment. Just because you CAN do something, does not mean that you SHOULD.

Protect Your Integrity

Be truthful, even when the message is hard for your client to hear. Be reliable. If you are unable to meet a commitment, communicate that quickly.

What’s Been Happening at the Office

The year has been unique, to say the least.  Isolation and concern have given way to creativity and care.  We never know what the next challenge is going to be, however, our ability to assist our customers remotely has served us well.  We began the practice of remote implementations and support over ten years ago so we could expand our markets while improving the quality of life for our employees.  We could help more companies, yet our employees spend less travel time achieving a higher level of productivity and personal satisfaction.  This one change has served us well.

What’s Coming Up This Year

We spend a lot of time looking for the next great solution we can present to our customers.  However, we also feel it is important to bring our level of experience to a larger number of customers.  Forming relationships with alliance partners where we offer complementary services is really gaining momentum.  As well, we are expanding our capabilities for developing customized solutions and interfaces for our customers, really honing their systems to meet their unique requirements.  We are also exploring specific industry solutions for manufacturing customers.

In addition, I have plans to announce some exciting news.  Recognition of the efforts of special staff will be made in the near future.  Stay tuned for more.

Exciting Things Outside the Office  

Gosh, who has the time??? Actually, I spend a good deal of time volunteering on various non-profit boards and committees.  I have found my experience running a business translates well in almost any organization.  Whether it is a church, a professional organization or a group providing services to the disadvantaged, the dynamic of people working together to solve problems is a constant.

With my family, we enjoy exploring new areas of the country and enjoying scenic hikes.  We have made several trips to Sedona as a favorite destination, we frequent the Branson area where my family is from originally and we found some great trails in the Chapel Hill area last year.  Unfortunately, 2020 has slowed our exploring although we were able to explore Gulf Shores just before the quarantine.

Oh, and I enjoy my time with the wheeled vehicles.  While I just sold my 2002 Corvette and I am contemplating the sale of my Harley (it’s just too big and heavy for me), I am planning the rebuild of my 911 SC.  I purchased it 22+ years ago thinking I would rebuild it over time.  While I have not accomplished as much as I wanted, it is TIME.

In closing, enough about me.  I do want to thank the CS3 Team for supporting me on this journey.  Without them, our success could not have happened and would not be as sweet.

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