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November Employee of the Month (times two)

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December 11, 2019

Gary Crouch

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November –Brandi Clymer & Sheri Blaho


Demonstrate Success.

Success is always measured against the client’s written objectives and can only be achieved when it is demonstrated to the client. Always ensure that acknowledgment is communicated up and down throughout the client’s organization.


Focus on Delivering Value.

Everything you do for a client should provide a return on their investment.  Just because you CAN do something, does not mean that you SHOULD.


Leadership determines the success of every organization.  Leadership begins with setting a path and continues by setting an example for achieving the vision of the organization.  This month we recognize the efforts of Brandi and Sheri to exhibit success and value in everything they do.


Brandi habitually demonstrates success.  In every situation she takes the customer’s needs into account and delivers more than promised.  One teammate stated about Brandi, “She always does what’s best for the company, never herself.  She picks up the slack when she needs to, takes control of issues that she can, and is a sounding board for others when things aren’t going well.”


Sheri always does what is best for the customer and never submits a proposal without first verifying the solution provides true value and documents the value for the customer.  This action establishes the frame work for not only closing sales, but for implementing a successful solution by defining the objectives required for success.  In addition, Sheri relies on her success to create a value story for future prospects.  All of this creates a compelling differentiation for the organization.


Recently through Brandi and Sheri’s efforts, they have created solutions for the two largest groups CS3 has provided with Scissortail HCM.


Personally, I know I could not lead this organization without their consistent support. As a team we ask the hard questions, hold each other accountable, and push forward knowing we are responsible for more than just companies.  We support the families of both our CS3 Team as well as the families of our Customers. 


Brandi and Sheri’s efforts truly “Demonstrate Success” and “Focus on Delivering Value”every day. Thank you ladies!!!

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