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New CS3 SERV Plan

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Jul 27

Juston Michealson

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At CS3 Technology, we have a simple mission: Always provide extraordinary knowledge enabling our Clients’ greatest success. We fulfill that mission by guiding and supporting our clients. Our team of experts acts as an extension of our clients’ team. We field questions ranging from technical systems issues to more general “how do I do X, Y or Z?”.

This year we have made improvements to our existing SERV Plan based on feedback from you the customer and requirements from software publishers that reflect the business software industry at large. As business software moves to the cloud it is necessary to stay on updated versions of software to maintain the benefits of new features as well as the integrations to existing servers and integrated software.

These changes will affect every one of our clients and we will be reaching out to discuss the specific changes ahead of your contract renewals.

Some changes you can expect:

  • Upgrades are now included for all core systems (accounting, HCM). This simplifies the upgrade process for customers and ensure compliance with software publisher requirements.
  • We are including additional services at no additional charge to more fully embrace our mission of knowledge transfer such as Excel assistance.
  • Extended services have be changed to a buffet-style offering. You can select specific features to add to your Essential plan.

Every customer is unique and our support plan is tailored to your business. We look forward to sharing these changes with each of you.

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