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July Employee Spotlight | Cathey Pangborn

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Oct 11

Cathey Pangborn

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What I Do for You

I am a Project Manager for CS3 Technologies and joined the team 15 years ago.  My main responsibility is to oversee the successful completion of our ERP and HCM projects.  In previous years, I have implemented all modules of Abra Suite and HRMS as a Sr Consultant.  I also enjoy educating clients on how to use Crystal Reports.  My time now is split between both roles, Project Management and Consulting, which allows me to have the best of both worlds.


The CS3 Pillar I Find Most Natural – Transfer Knowledge

The CS3 Service Pillar that I relate to most is Transfer of Knowledge.  I love to share knowledge with our clients!  Especially when the knowledge can make their jobs/tasks more efficient allowing them to be more effective in their role.  I am very proud to be a part of a company that believes in making our clients independent Successive Knowledge Workers.  


What’s Been Happening at the Office

I am one of the many remote team members since I live in the great state of Ohio.  I share my office with 2 dogs (Sydney and Lila) and 1 cat (Oakley) who are wonderful co-workers.  Therefore, the office is pretty quiet unless there is a delivery….LOL. Like many, I have worked remotely for several year.  When COVID-19 hit, the major change was sharing my office with my 2 teenagers and husband (School Teacher).  Things are more normal since they all are back in the classroom and I do not have to share the WIFI during the day any longer.


What’s Coming Up This Year

After 2020, who knows what is coming this year…..hopefully, some sort of normality 😊.  One thing I will be doing this year is continuing to support my amazing team and wonderful clients with their implementation and project needs.  I anticipate COVID-19 will continue to require special attention in the tracking and reporting with HR and PR.  I also look forward to assist with last minute Abra Suite clients that are moving onto HRMS or Scissortail.    


Exciting Things Outside the Office

Where do I start.  My world is my family.  I have two teenagers that consume most of my spare time.  Ty is a Junior in HS and is looking at Colleges to study Environmental Engineering and hoping to play Baseball.   Callie is a Freshman in HS and plays on a national club volleyball team where is she doing amazing.  Next love is giving back to our community.  My family and I cook for the homeless in our community once a month throughout the year. Also, we provide dinner to those in need on Christmas day.  Last year we prepared and delivered over 1,800 meals successfully.

Knowing that our lives were not crazy enough, my husband and I bought a food truck in 2018.  It made sense since I have always loved to cook for large crowds because of growing up in the restaurant business.    Happy Dog Pizza is the name.  Our truck is a 1960 Firetruck that has a woodfired oven.  We offer a wide variety of pizzas made on our homemade dough that cook in less than 90 seconds.  Our signature pizza is called The Legacy –cream cheese, bacon and cashews….YUM.  We recently just bought a 1955 Firetruck to add to our fleet.  My husband is in the process of installing an oven and converting to a food truck.  If you are ever in central Ohio come check us out.

Cathey and Husband
Yes that is Sydney, The Happy Dog of Happy Dog Pizza.
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