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July 2020 Employee Spotlight: Rhonda Siex

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Mar 5

Rhonda Rush

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What I do for you

As a member of the HCM team, I help clients make the most of their Human Capital Management software. As a member of the CS3 Advisors, I put my PHR and SHRM-CP certifications to work helping clients understand and comply with the regulations related to managing the people that make up their business.  

Recently, my efforts have been focused on supporting the HR side of Scissortail HCM.  Acting as a consultant and advisor to clients that have been migrating their processes to Scissortail has been so fun.   Each organization has such different needs and uses the same parts of the platform in significantly different ways.  Seriously – it’s like we have a new toy!

Once the initial transition to Scissortail is under control, I get to work with you to customize your recruiting, onboarding, benefit enrollment, and performance review processes.  Creating these processes and seeing them work as intended is so fulfilling.  I love my job and am so grateful for the people at CS3.  

The CS3 Pillar I find most natural – “Look for Improvements”

Finding a “better way” to complete a task like recruiting, onboarding and such is what motivates and inspires me.  Transforming a process that has become stale or is just not up to date is my version of Fixer Upper.  It’s not a fast process and takes an upfront time investment to understand what is and what is wanted but the result will save much headache as time goes by. 

What’s been happening at the office

Living in Tulsa gives me the best of both working from home and from the corporate office.  Mainly, I work from home and the configuration of my office changes configuration based on the project on which most of my attention is focused.  Right now, there’s a lot happening and that means a lot more desk time.  This week marked the arrival of a new, industrial-style desk custom built for me by my brother.  So, what’s better than enjoying your job?  Enjoying the space where you do your job! 

We also added another member to the HCM team.  It’s so good to have Cathy Antle on our team! (Hope I didn’t spoil any announcements.) 

What’s coming up this year

Who knows??? It’s 2020 and apparently, anything can happen! I was supposed to speak on the pop-up stage for OKHR (postponed, unknown date.) I am scheduled to speak at SW Oklahoma HR SHRM Chapter Meeting (now a virtual presentation.) Other HR Conferences and speaking engagements were on the calendar but are now up in the air.  This year has seen so much change in HR (FFCRA, CARES and more) and the regularly scheduled learning opportunities are up in the air.  However, member organizations have quickly adapted.  So that’s what’s coming up: adaptation.  

Also, HR Professionals can get continuing education credit for their COVID activities…WOOT! Check and  for details.  😊

Exciting things outside the office

While the world was on lockdown, I had to forgo a trip to Kansas City to see my son, Christian, on his 26th birthday.   It was as much a milestone for me as for him but we talked and facetimed and made it work.  The last time I saw him was in December when we attended the Chiefs/Broncos game with my younger son, Brandon. It was “the snow game” and so cold but we always enjoy our time together even if it is amid a white out.  Now that the world is reopening, I FINALLY get to be with them again and I’m over the top EXCITED!!! 

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