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I'm Back on Team CS3!

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Mar 5

Rhonda Rush

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After nearly 13 years, I’m very excited to return to CS3 Technology. So much has happened for both the organization and for me during that time. I’m returning
to work with “my team,” but the Tulsa office has moved since I last crossed the threshold and my new role with the consulting team is markedly different
from the marketing role of my past life. It’s surreal! Everything old is new again.

As the years turned, I found myself in an HR office handling employee relations, employee records, payroll administration and benefit administration
(including all the new rules and regulations that come with benefits) as well as HRIS administration. Back at CS3, the software has evolved and what
was once very familiar has a new name and different look. Think of it as a reunion with old friends. We can revisit the old stomping grounds. Although
they have changed, at its core, the important things remain constant: great people great service. It’s good to be home!

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