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If You Love Excel, Have I Got Something For You!

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May 20, 2016

Christine Luttrell

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Did you know that second only to email, Excel is the most widely used tool each and every day by the business user community? In fact, with over 500 million users, Excel is the number one reporting and analysis tool used globally. As we all know, Excel has some very powerful features that we love, but even with that, we can often experience delays in getting critical information to decision makers because of the need to export, supplement and format data that comes from our business applications like Sage 100. Don’t get me wrong, most business software’s built-in or canned reports serve a useful purpose, but there are numerous times when we need to tweak that info a bit to get to exactly what the management team needs to see to make effective business decisions. It only makes sense that a familiar tool like Excel is the perfect place to do this With Biznet, everyone in your organization can access and immediately analyze key business information within the reporting solution they use every day…Excel.

In talking with many businesses of all shapes and sizes over the years, one common theme is that most of them maintain a large number of Excel files that are part of their daily business operation. These span every department and are analyzed for a wide variety of decisions. Biznet allows you to make those spreadsheets a connected extension of your applications. There is no need to export and import data, copy and paste, or build complex queries. Biznet provides a host of functions with virtual roll-ups, wild carding, on the fly multi-dimensional drilldowns, and drag and drop business intelligence just to name a few. Using Biznet with your current application provides the flexibility and powerful features needed for the ever-evolving reporting requirements of successful companies.

Easily building and accessing Executive dashboards is just one more great opportunity using Biznet. Once decision makers have identified a potential issue, they need the ability to drill down into the information quickly and easily. Having to create a series of detailed reports could impact the ability for business leaders to take corrective action before it's too late. Dashboards can provide them the ability to drill down to the detail.

Because business users are so familiar with Excel, the learning curve for Biznet is minimal. Users can be productive right away with Biznet with all their current Excel skills. By utilizing Excel functions and pivot tables directly connected to business data, you can start seeing an impact immediately.

Key Benefits of Biznet:

  • Leverage existing spreadsheets
  • Powerful features address today’s complex reporting requirements
  • Easy to use – only minutes to learn
  • The info you need when you need it
  • Pre-built content packs – out of the box connectivity
  • Eliminates redundant data entry and reduces errors

If your company is struggling to get relevant, timely information in the hands of those dealing with an explosion of data and you are looking for the best way to access, augment, and analyze information within a time frame that helps your business, within a tool they already know, then Biznet is the right solution for you.

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