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How to Run Off Cycle Bonuses in HRMS

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Mar 5

Rhonda Rush

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It’s the time of year when clients are asking for a refresher on how to run a special payroll in HRMS for bonus only.  Below I’ve created an example to help get you started.

The first thing to do is to ensure the Bonus Pay Code is added to each employee’s pay tab using the Assign Earnings/Deductions process to complete a mass update to all employees.

Add Earning Code to Multiple Employees
  1. Go to Payroll > (Tasks) Assign Earnings/Deductions
  2. Select Earning/Deduction Code: (example BON)
  3. Under Earning/Deduction Settings (In the body of the page)


  1. Check the box for “Calculate”
  2. Start Date: Suggested 1 week before Check Date (12/15/2017)
  3. End Date: Future Dated (12/31/2099)
  4. Employee Rate/Amt/Pct: If all bonuses are going to be the same, you can enter the amount here ($250).  Leave blank if you will be entering individual amounts.
  5. General Tab: > Enter Distribution Code
  6. Min/Max Tab: No Changes
  7. Check the box “Use Employee Defaults for Blank or Zero Values”
  8. Assign
  9. Print Assign Earning/Deduction Report
Assign Earnings and Deductions in Sage HRMS

In my example, the Bonus pay code is listed on each employee’s Pay Tab but it is currently set not to calculate.  (Calculate = “No”) Here are the steps to change Calculate to “Yes” without touching each employee.  

Change Bonus on all Employee Pay Tabs to “Yes”
  1. Go to Payroll > Update Earning/ Deductions
  2. Select Earning/Deduction Code: Bonus = 03 (example codes)
  3. Under Field: Highlight the row for Calculate
  4. In Type of Change column: double click; select Replace
  5. In New Value or change column: double click; select Yes

Update earnings and deductions in Sage HRMS

It is possible to import a Timecard for bonuses.  If you wish to do that, manually enter one and export it as an example to use for the other employees. There are quite a few columns that are not required, be sure to review the fields required and delete any columns not required. You other option is to enter the timecards manually.  

NOTE: These can be setup at any time prior to the special bonus run as long as the Pay Period End Date for the Bonus run is different from all regular check dates.

Here are the steps:

Enter Timecards for Bonus
  1. Go to Payroll > Process Payroll > Timecard List
  2. Click New
  3. Enter Employee ID
  4. Timecard Number: BONUS
  5. Period End: Check Date (example: 12/22/2017)
  6. In body:
  1. Enter Bonus Earning Code (example: 03)
  2. Enter Bonus Rate
  1. Add/Save
  2. Close Timecard
  3. Close Timecard List

Once all timecards have been setup for the bonus run, you should Calculate the bonus Payroll and review for errors.

Calculate Payroll
  1. Payroll Run Date: Date Processing Bonus Check (example: 12/18/2017)
  2. Pay Period End Date: Bonus Check Date (example: 12/22/2017)
  3. Check Date: Bonus Check Date (example: 12/22/2017)
  4. Pay Employees in these Frequencies: Biweekly (you will select the frequency for your pay group)
  5. Include Earning/deduction with these Frequencies:
  6. Uncheck Biweekly (or the Frequency that auto populated example if you checked weekly employee group, then uncheck the weekly frequency)
  7. Check Quarterly (Go to Setup > Payroll > Earning/Deduction Codes to check the frequency of your special code)
  8. Note: You may have other frequencies you need to include certain deductions like 401k in the payroll.
  9. Process
Calculate Payroll in Sage HRMS

Review Trial Payroll
  1. Go to Reports > (Payroll) Transaction Reports
  2. Select Pre-Check Payroll Register
  3. If all looks good complete payroll process as usual

  1. Print / Post Checks
  2. Print Payroll Register
  3. Create EFT File

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