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How to Install the Sage HRMS Quarterly Update

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Oct 24

Jim Scheithauer

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Follow the below instructions to download, install, and verify the Product Update.

Prior to running the Update:

  1. Backup all your data, including SageHRMS_Live and the payroll database(s) SageHRMS_XXX.
  2. Make sure all users have exited the HRMS program.

Downloading the Update from Sage:

  1. Visit the Sage Knowledgebase at, click Log on, and then logon to the site.
  2. In the Support by product section, click Select your product, and then click more products.
  3. Under Sage HRMS, click your product and version.
  4. In the Latest updates section, click the current update to download.
  5. In the article, click Download Now to launch the Sage Download Manager, or click the direct download link to download the executable file.

Installing the HRMS Update:

The Update should be run on the server where Sage HRMS is installed.

  1. To launch the installation program, right-click the Product Update file and run as administrator, or as the current user with administrator rights. If applicable, make sure the Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity check box is not selected. If there is no option to run as administrator, log on as an administrator, and then double-click the Product Update file.
  2. After the InstallShield Wizard determines requirements, click Update.
  3. The system starts the installation.
  4. Follow the instructions on the windows that follow, and then click Finish.
  5. Open the Sage HRMS Client. A message prompts you to continue.

Updating Sage HRMS Client(s):

To update Sage HRMS Client on workstations:

  1. Right-click on the Sage HRMS Client program and select Run as administrator to initiate the file update process.
  2. Click OK to proceed and update your files. A message displays that Sage HRMS could not detect the current version of one or more Payroll modules. Click Yes to install the Payroll modules now.
  3. When installation of the Payroll modules is complete, you may be prompted to restart Sage HRMS.

Verifying the Update:

After the update is complete, you can confirm that the update was installed successfully by selecting:

Click the Help icon/About Sage HRMS and verifying that the version number corresponds with the version

of the update .exe file.

You should also verify that the latest tax update was applied to your system by selecting: Payroll/Process

Payroll/Calculate Payroll and the Tax Version listed on the window should display the date the current

update release date was.

Updating the Local Tax Repository and Rates:

This section applies only if you use local tax codes in U.S. Payroll.

To update the local tax repository and rates:

  1. After the Product Update is complete, log in to Sage HRMS.
  2. Under Setup/Payroll, then under the Earnings/Deductions/Taxes, click on the Local/Other Tax Codes, click the Install Repository button to update all of the local tax rates in the system.
  3. When you receive the prompt "Install Repository completed. Do you want to continue updating company level local tax records with information from the local repository?": Click Yes to automatically update the company rates for all local taxes, or Click No if you prefer to select each local tax individually and click the Update button for each one in order to apply the rate changes. This gives you the opportunity to validate rates before and after the changes.
  4. If you click Yes, after the process completes a message displays: "Updating company level local tax records completed. Do you want to continue updating employee local tax records from the local tax repository?". Click Yes to automatically update the employee-level rates for all local taxes, or Click No if you want to select each employee or use the Update Taxes, then update each tax or employee individually.

And you're done! If you have problems with this scenario or other issues you would like to learn more about, visit our videos section for more insightful information about Sage or other HRMS or ERP software products. Our team is constantly staying on top of new technology in our field and we truly want to make sure you are educated about updates and nuances about the software solutions we offer. CS3 is dedicated to our customers' success!

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