Jim Scheithauer

Senior Consultant

At CS3 Technology since
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My background is in accounting and I have worked in both accounting and payroll departments in many different industries. I had met the CS3 team at a previous job and when I left to go back to school, they asked me to come in and talk with them about possibly working in consulting. I postponed my school until later and came to work at CS3 as a consultant. I did go back to school and got my Master's degree in 2010.

You are a diehard fan of?
Sports, any kind, anywhere, any team. I will go to hockey, basketball, baseball and football games as much as I can anywhere I am. Sure I have favorite teams, but really I will go see just about any team that plays. I have seen the San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia 76ers, OU, OSU, TU, NC State, Notre Dame, and many more

Plane, train or automobile?
Definitely the automobile.

Mountains or Beach?
Beach, will drive across the country to either coast to spend time at the ocean.

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
Hung Kung Phooey

Jim Scheithauer

is no longer an employee at CS3 Technology


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