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Fixing Transaction Issues in Sage 100 after Windows Update

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Mar 14

Mike Talbot

Recently, as more companies replace laptops and desktops with Windows 11 machines, or just upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 OS, Sage 100 users are experiencing one particular problem when updating the Daily Transaction register…  It hangs.

And hangs, and hangs…

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Rest assured, Sage is aware of the issue and currently has it under review. At the end of this blog, I have included a link to their Knowledge Base article. It appears only to be happening to users running the 32-bit version of the Sage 100 application. 

If you are running the 32-bit version inside a Windows 11 environment, you have probably already experienced this issue. Some of you rebooted your machine only for it to happen again, but you have options.

  1. Take that extended lunch break you’ve been saying you needed all week - ninety minutes, two hours. It will still be processing when you get back.
  2. If it is not lunch time, this is a good time to catch up on the latest TikTok trends or scroll through your Instagram feed.

After you get back from Chili’s or you’ve finished watching your twentieth vlog backed by Bob Marley and The Wailers’ “Could You Be Loved”, you still need to deal with this register that just won’t finish processing. What do you do - cut through obstacles like Michael Myers in Halloween. 

Launch Windows Task Manager and find the Sage 100 (32 bit) processes. Expand each one as there may be multiple Sage processes running. Once you locate the Daily Transaction Register process, select it and click End Task at the top of the task Manager window. If you don’t see End Task on the menu, click the Three Dots button and then select End Task.

You can now mitigate this issue and work around it. Find the Daily Transaction Register task in whatever module you were trying to update, whether it was the Check Register in Accounts Payable or the Sales Journal in Sales Order, each module has its own Daily Transaction Register task. Launch the task, and it will process and allow you to update without hanging on you. 

The Daily Transaction Register only seems to hang when Sage moves directly to it from whatever journal or register you just updated. For additional updates, if prompted to update the Daily Transaction Register from one of these other journal updates, click No. Then go directly to the Daily Transaction Register task within that module to process and update the General Ledger.

If you are on Sage 100 version 2021 or later, you can switch to the 64-bit version. This will allow you to continue processing the Daily Transaction Register after finishing the specific module update, rather than having to complete the update separately. The Knowledge Base article linked below includes instructions for converting your Sage application to the 64-bit version.

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Raise your hand if you started singing “Could you be lo-oved” but that was all of the lyrics you could recall. ✋

Daily Transaction Register hangs on "Processing Daily Transaction Register"

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