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Five Brilliant Features in Acumatica ERP Accounting

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Aug 25

Shawn Slavin

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Acumatica is a relative newcomer in the ERP marketspace, atleast compared to some of the “old dogs” that have been around since the DOSdays.  Those old DOS ERP solutions thatsurvived figured out how to make the leap into the Windows environment, somemore agilely than others.  Now those samefirms are up against a new breed of software that was developed specificallyfor browsers and web.  Those “old dogs”are faring just as well in the cloud.


Acumatica is taking the ERP world by storm.  Here are a few the unique things that areresulting in Acumatica and forcing a change in how we process businesstransactions.


Number One Brilliant Idea – Deploy Your Way


Acumatica, unlike many other browser based software productsis still offering a choice in where and how you deploy your software.  Acumatica is providing three options (all ofwhich will be available via the Web):


1.     Softwareas a Service – This is a rental model where you share software and data storagewith other firms.  While your data isCOMPLETELY secure, it is a bit like being in an apartment.  You are restricted to the floor layout, noremodeling for you!  But you do not haveto worry about any maintenance. Acumatica in a SaaS model takes care of all hardware, security andbackup.

2.    Private Cloud – This is also a rental model, butyou are in an environment all by yourself. So feel free to knock out some walls, add on a room, and repaint if youwant.  You will be taking responsibilityfor securing your server, back-ups and security.

3.    Traditional – If you prefer an outright purchasewith installation on your own servers, this is the option for you.  This is the model with which all Windowsbased software was licensed.


Number Two Brilliant Idea – Let Everyone Join In


Both Windows based software and the new players in Cloudsoftware license their product based on user counts.  This way of thinking is simply not the rightway to run a business.  Every firm shouldbe able to allow ANY employee access to appropriate data.  This encourages a “single point of truth” forcompany information rather than the silos of data people create in the privateExcel or Access systems.  With allemployees having access to data, collaboration can now begin that waspreviously blocked simply due to the financial burden of additional userlicense fees.  Business process can bestreamlined since all employees have access to data as it flows through thetypical daily routine.


Secured portals will extend your firm system into the largerbusiness-eco-system where you reside. Portals for vendors and customers will also allow your business partnersto see information relevant to their organization.  This will remove bottlenecks, streamlinedecisions and increase customer satisfaction.


Number Three Brilliant Idea – Make Access Easy


Acumatica runs most anywhere, on most any device.  If your device has a browser and you haveinternet access you can get your job done. Acumatica leverages multiple web and mobile applications includingChrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari and iOS.  


This means higher productivity and quick customerresponse.  Staff members don’t have tostay late just to get that last task done…. waiting for the final bit ofinformation.  As soon as your team canaddress the issue, whether at home, work, seminar or training, they can slip inthe important task and get back to their other responsibilities.  


You will absolutely have happier employees!


Brilliant Idea Number Four – Model My BusinessPractices


Gone are the days of accounting being the business of simplyprocessing transactions and reporting what happened last month.  Gone are the days when you changed yourbusiness practices because “that is how the software works.”    Acumatica has serious out of the boxfunctionality that mirrors your workflow and then manages that workflowaccording to your business rules.  Theseinclude full approval processes and checklists. Staff think in terms of howinformation moves through the organization. Acumatica allows you to reflect YOUR PROCESSES with tailored workflows.


Acumatica embraces a “WIKI” style technology fordocumentation.  You will be able to placeyour business policies and practices inside your ERP for easy access for allteam members.  


Brilliant Idea Number Five – Dashboard and Scorecards


Answers to business questions are everything.  Of course all ERP software can managedebits/credits, pay the bills, and invoice the client.  What Acumatica gives is information,quickly.  Not only do you have all thetraditional reports, but you will be able to have dashboards that are UNIQUE toeach functional area, department, or individual.  What is critical to making a decision rightnow….not what happened yesterday.


Management will have yet another set of queries that willallow them to see both “where they have been” AND “where we are headed”.  Businesses must be able to see more than justa rearview mirror to have a competitive edge.


In Summary


For these five reasons, the team at CS3 added Acumatica toour portfolio of offerings a few years ago. There were many choices of Browser or Cloud-based ERP software.  Acumatica made it an easy decision for us.  We are confident that this product offeringwill allow our clients to run their organizations more effectively.


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