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Filtering by Document Type Using Scissortail

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As a Scissortail user, it’s well known that users typically assign a Document Type to everything from Custom Forms to Attachments to Policies and Acknowledgements.  

Here’s the cool part - You can set filters for these Document Types!

Filters will keep private information private and only visible to the intended individual or group.

In the examples seen below, a COVID related document can be used by any employee as part of their self-service HR Actions.  Without the filter which I applied in Figure 2, the private employee document would be seen by the employee, their managers and all the Scissortail company administrators.  

When setting up the Document type found in Global Setup > Global List Definitions > Document Types, Click the looking glass to build the desired filter.  

On the filter window, I was able to establish which HR employees would have access to view the medical documents as well as block any managers or supervisors from being able to this document for their employees.  What a great feature!  

As always, reach out to your neighborhood CS3 Technology Team if you want assistance in creating these filters.  We’re just an email away.

Figure 1

Figure 2

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