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Employee Spotlight - Cathy Antle

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Dec 10

Cathy Antle

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I am on the consulting team as a payroll tax specialist.  I am responsible for making periodic tax payments as well as filing weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tax returns up to and including W2 processing.  I analyze, document, and input employee adjustment entries into Scissortail for creating amended tax returns.   I joke that I was hired just to do amendments as we had a slew of them I had to get to do.   I import new clients from Scissortail to Master Tax.  Part of a new client set up is ensuring we have access to their associated tax accounts as well as creating the required POA documents.  I handle all tax registrations for new and existing clients.


There are two of the service pillars I can closely relate to.  The first is Knowledge Transfer.  I like to document new processes with screenshots as well as verbiage. As hard as I try though I cannot compete with Brandi on this as she is a wiz at documentation.  Some processes are not used but every blue moon and it is easy to forget the steps needed but when you have good documentation you can easily recreate the process no matter how long in between.     A company I worked for previously was the first time I heard the phrase knowledge transfer documentation.  All I could picture in my mind was someone hooking up a computer to my brain and turning on a switch.  

The second pillar I can most relate to is Project a Positive Attitude.  I am generally a happy person to begin with so this is an easy fit for me. I am one of those folks that sees the glass as half full rather than half empty.  I feel that having a positive attitude reflects in my client dealings as well my interactions with my coworkers.  Brandi can attest that one of my favorite sayings is, “It all pays the same”.  There are always mundane tasks that are just frankly boring that we must handle. There are also always tasks that do not fit perfectly in our job description, but someone needs to do it.  When I first joined the workforce and I just thought I can do that since it all pays the same.  When you don’t let a negative vibe enter into your day its easy to maintain a positive attitude.


I currently work in the corporate offices in Tulsa.  I do plan on working from home 3 days a week soon.  I am still dealing with a bunch of tax registration issues and that process unfortunately does not lend itself to being paperless.  It is easier to have my tax files at hand in the office.


As we have been adding new tax clients to our roster, I have been adding them left and right to our tax filings.  I look forward to adding even more clients this year.   The nice thing about Master Tax is for the deposits it does not make any difference if you have 5 clients or 100 clients the process is the same and he doesn’t really add a lot of extra work.  The additional work comes in the tax return filings as well as the production of W2’s.  It is an exciting time to be on the front end of this new business model for CS3.


I have been married for 22 years to my sweetie Terry.  I have one daughter, 2 grandchildren, and one great grandchild.  The great one is a boy named Benton who will be 9 by the time this is printed.  He is still at that age where he likes to stay the weekend with us.  He keeps us entertained as he talks non-stop.  I am always amazed at the things that come out of that boy’s mouth. I do not remember being that smart when I was his age.  Heck, I don’t remember being that smart at this age.  Benton has a large vocabulary that never ceases to amaze me how he would know a particular word.  I am always thinking now how he could have heard that word in any context much less know how to properly use it himself.  My one grandson is a senior in high school and I could not tell you the last time we spent any alone time with him.  Between sports, schoolwork, and a girlfriend who has times for grandparents?

Our biggest child though is our almost 7 year old dog Bandit.  He is a hoot.  He gets wound up barking at the hair dryer and gets me laughing so hard I can barely finish.  Or when he gets to running in circles jumping on all the furniture in the process zipping back and forth.  No one could stay in a bad mood with him around.

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