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December 2020 Employee Spotlight: Brandi Clymer

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December 7, 2020

Brandi Clymer

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What I do for you

I recently celebrated my 23rd anniversary with CS3. I have a few different roles inside CS3 that include managing the consulting areas of ERP and HCM. Many of you know me from my demos, installations, and support of Sage Abra and Sage HRMS. I have been working on Sage Abra even before I started working at CS3 (a long time). I am really sad to see Sage Abra go at the end of the year. 

Most recently, I have been focused on demos, installations, and support of Scissortail HCM. I am super excited about the future with Scissortail. I feel about Scissortail today like I felt about Sage Abra 20+ years ago, super excited about the possibilities with this product. 

The CS3 Service Pillar I find most natural

While there are many Service Pillars I identify with, 'Project a Positive Attitude' is the one I feel describes me best. I am a happy smiling person, and that reflects in my attitude – well most days. 😊

What's Been Happening at the Office

Even before COVID, I have been primarily officing at my house in Tulsa, OK. I am about 20 minutes from the office. I typically go into the office about once a week. The HCM team is all here in Tulsa, so we try to meet weekly for lunches to keep in touch now that our restaurants are open. We have daily calls and use instant messaging, which allows us to stay in touch with each other frequently throughout the day. We have stayed busy this year with many new projects.

What's Coming Up This Year

We are winding down the year 2020 and I am thankful to start a fresh new year like I imagine many people. The last few months of the year and the first few of the next year are usually the busiest months for the HCM team. We will be finishing the year with our year-end classes and helping all our clients through closing out the year. With all the payroll changes for COVID, we expect this year-end to be more challenging than usual. 

Exciting Things Outside the Office

Well, like many people, COVID changed many of my travel plans for this year. I was able to make my annual ski trip in February. Then I got back home to everything shutting down in March. My high school girlfriends and I had a week-long trip to Nassau for July, but it got canceled. We ended up driving to Orange Beach, AL and had a great time. As many people heard, I was SUPER excited about the lazy river behind our condo in Orange Beach. It was fabulous, and the beaches were fantastic. My husband Jason and I had a couple of other trips scheduled that got canceled as well. We are hoping to make our annual trip skiing next February, fingers crossed. We are OU season ticket holders, but with the reduced seating capacity at the stadium, we are watching most of the games at home this year. 

I included a picture of my three dogs, If you have talked with me you probably have heard them in the background at some point. I have a male Corgi named Scooter and two female Sweedish Vallhunds named Brynn and Freya. They are lots of fun and go for walks with my husband and me. 

Picture from Park City, UT ski trip

My three pups, Scoot, Freya, and Brynn.

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