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CS3 Technology Aligns with SWK Technologies, Inc.

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Feb 3

Gary Crouch

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CS3 Technology and SWK Technologies are pleased to announce the alliance of CS3’s Sage practice with SWK. This alliance will provide you with a much richer array of products and services to enhance your Sage systems. Our combined resources will allow us to enhance our services and provide you with an even broader range of technical expertise, support resources and top-quality products.  


The full team of consultants and resources you work with at CS3 are still available to help you and will continue to be your main point of contact for support and services. All issues involving software licensing will be handled by SWK. Their account management team is recognized by Sage as one of the best in North America.

All support issues will continue to be handled by CS3, with the option to engage SWK when additional resources are required. We at CS3 will continue the excellent services we’ve offered you through the years.

Among the first noticeable aspects of this alliance will be that you will begin to receive Sage Maintenance renewal invoices from SWK Technologies, not from Sage as you have in the past. However, any invoice you receive from CS3 should be paid to CS3.

You can expect to receive a call from your new dedicated Customer Account Manager, Ashley Bonser, to answer any questions you may have. The management teams of CS3 and SWK have worked collaboratively in the past and are committed to integrating our processes quickly and efficiently. We do want to thank you for the continuing opportunity to work with you and your team!

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