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Automate Data Transfers with Benefit Feeds

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Feb 18

Brandi Clymer

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As all benefits administrators know, employees have changes to insurance plans all throughout the year, not just at Open Enrollment. How are you distributing those changes to your benefit carriers today? If you are like many employers, you are still logging into each carrier’s website and entering any changes to employee records. Changes can include address changes, life events, and open enrollment. Entering these changes can take untold hours of time for your HR team each month to enter the changes, reconcile benefits between your HR system and provider, and during open enrollment, the manual entry can be a huge time drain on the department. Keeping carriers up to date with the most current information helps keep employees happier by making sure they have current insurance cards and when they go to see their medical provider they aren’t delayed or stopped at the front desk. Shouldn’t there be an easier way to keep the carrier up to date? The answer is Yes!

Many carriers offer the ability for you to send them files to update employee information and elections. Part of the struggle is that although there is a standard file format for carriers, some carriers have a proprietary format for their file which can make automating this process challenging and cumbersome. CS3 has tools for both Sage HRMS and Scissortail HCM to help you communicate with your carriers to help you save time, money, and headaches for your HR team. Benefit Feeds can dramatically decrease the number of human keying errors. Most of all, they will help you focus on the parts of your job that add value to your organization. The amount of time saved by automating data transfers can be substantial, which in turn could help to save on labor costs and boost productivity.

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