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April 2023 Scissortail UKG Software Update and Enhancements

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Aug 25

Bonnie Molina

UKG April 2023 Release Overview

With the April 2023 release of Scissortail HCM, HR and payroll processes have become more efficient and accurate than ever before. This latest update by CS3 technology features a range of new scheduling and management tools designed to streamline workplace productivity. Improved benefit reports and active checkboxes make running your business a breeze, and those are just a few of the many enhancements you will enjoy with this exciting new software update. Stay ahead of the game with the latest in HR, Payroll, and scheduling technology - upgrade to Scissortail HCM today!

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HR Enhancements

The most exciting enhancement in the HR module is the checklist-delete feature, which removes associated data. If a checklist has incomplete forms that are attached and needs to be deleted, then all those incomplete forms will be removed as well. The forms include Government Forms, HR Action Forms, and Custom Forms.

Benefit reports have been enhanced with extra filtering options and can be filtered by plans and enrollment summary has a new “as of date” filter and an employee information print settings filter. The employee information print settings filter will allow sensitive information to be excluded in the printing of the report.  

HR Actions now have an Active checkbox and can be deactivated and no longer show up as an available HR Action associated with Checklists, Workflows, and Security Profiles. HR Actions now have an error that will not allow duplicate HR Action items within the HR Action. 

Payroll Enhancements

Our Tax Specialist, Cathy Antle and Brandi Clymer discovered an issue with Oregon and Colorado tax reporting with MasterTax and it is going to be fixed in this release. Way to go CS3 Tax Team! 

Total Compensation Statements can now be downloaded by an employee in the ESS (employee self-service) and in readable PDF format. 

During Process Payroll a new error will alert for required taxes when there is a blank value. Process Payroll is going to have a validation process when a deduction vendor payment type changes and a prompt to recalculate deductions message will make sure those changes are updated. 

The Year End Correction Payroll where W2C form all the payroll admin to view the employee W2C and the employer W2C Copy D. 

Time and Scheduling

TLM basic scheduling will now have an option for managers so they can easily view and create employee shift assignments on a week-by-week basis.  Also, the Team Schedule menu is now located Schedule>Reports>Team Scheduled>Daily Schedule or Weekly Schedule. Schedule Overview (Monthly) is now named Monthly Calendar. 

Accrual 2.0 only will allow employees to donate accrued time to a company donation bank for other employees who do not have enough time accrued to take the full time off.  

Cost Centers can be changed on Punch and not on the timesheet. 

Cross Product Highlights

For Admins, the ability to log in as an employee will be a great tool to be able to help employees who are experiencing problems logging in to the ESS system. For security purposes, there is a login as employee audit history and special security rights are needed. 

The Report Hub will no longer be labeled Beta, it will now be fully released and the header on the page will match the company’s chosen look and feel. 

HCMtoGo has a new widget that includes a QR code that will automatically include the companies, short name, and region. 

In conclusion, the UKG Update for Scissortail HCM offers a range of new features and enhancements that greatly benefit HR departments and their employees. From the new Time and Attendance options to the updated Payroll Records and Employee Wages, CS3 technology has once again demonstrated their dedication to improving workplace productivity and efficiency. With its release date just around the corner, businesses are encouraged to upgrade to Scissortail HCM right away to enjoy these exciting new features before the due date arrives. Don't miss out on this opportunity to streamline your HR and payroll processes with the latest technology.

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