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Announcing Twixt Agent - A Data Synchronization Tool

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Dec 10

Sheri Blaho

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CS3 Technology and Scissortail HCM are excited to announce a new software product, Twixt Agent.  This tool provides full integration of employee information between Scissortail payroll/HR and Acumatica.  For example, as new employees are hired or terminated, appropriate information is automatically updated from Scissortail to the Acumatica employee master.


The Twixt Agent System consists of three primary components:

  • Twixt Server is the heart of the system. It lives on our secure hosted cloud. It is responsible for moving data from one system to the other. Acting both as a translator and traffic cop.
  • Twixt Client is the remote control of the system. It lives on any PC in the world. Twixt Client allows users to view status logs for different jobs and to fire off a job on an Adhoc basis.
  • Finally, Twixt API bridges the gaps between the two. It also allows us, developers, to configure and set up the system as well as tailor the functionality to meet different industry needs.

The product is continuing to expand by allowing a “bridge” to be built between any HCM and ERP solution.  Keep watching for more information!

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