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Acumatica Features: Top Picks of a Former Controller and ERP Consultant

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Feb 26

Daniel Rhodes

Acumatica is a web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is quickly gaining popularity for its modern solutions and advanced automation tools. It offers features such as payroll and tax management, allocation distribution, advanced security, reporting and inquiries, as well as workflow and approval processes. In this blog post, we will explore some of the favorite features of a former controller turned Acumatica ERP consultant.

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Payroll and Tax

Although traditional enterprise systems can manage basic accounting tasks, modern web-based solutions surpass them with advanced automation and compliance tools. Adopting modern solutions leads to higher efficiency and adherence to regulations. 

To fully benefit from these innovations, upgrading to a web-based solution is a logical choice.  Stay on top of the latest payroll and tax regulations with automatic cloud updates. Eliminate human error and streamline your processes with advanced features that ensure superior accuracy and compliance.


Distribute GL account balances over multiple accounts and sub-accounts based on predefined allocation rules. Establish rules based on percentages, quantities, statistical data, or proportional to other account balances. Create and run multiple subsequent allocation templates.

Advanced Security

Control which users and roles can view and create transactions for specific GL accounts and sub-accounts.

Reporting and Inquiries

Monitor key aspects of your business in real time by creating custom inquiries, dashboards, and reports.

Workflow and Approval

Assign roles/people to approve transactions, release transactions, and close accounting periods.

Acumatica ERP offers a range of features that can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of enterprise resource planning. From automating basic accounting tasks to advanced reporting and inquiries, the system offers a range of tools that not only streamline processes but also ensure adherence to regulations. Adopting such advanced solutions leads to higher efficiency and compliance, which can be instrumental in gaining a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced business environment. By embracing Acumatica ERP, businesses can easily reap the benefits of modern, web-based enterprise resource planning systems.

What’s New at Work

I have passed several certifications and have started contributing more as an ERP consultant.  I really enjoy the life-work balance that working from home provides. I also enjoy the fact-finding missions that being a consultant provides. My transition to CS3 has been much easier with the help and support of my coworkers.

What’s New at Home

My nephew Collin just graduated from the University of Houston with a mechanical engineering degree, so we are a proud family.  I am an umpire for High School baseball, and we just finished the Spring season! We're looking forward to another hot summer here in Houston.

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