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12 Ways Acumatica Outshines Other ERP Solutions

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November 21, 2022



Troy Vars

  1. Native Cloud Based System – The cost and complexity of running software on a private or local server can be eliminated.
  • No server installs – CS3 and Acumatica do this all for you
  • No client installs – only a current web browser is required
  • No install conflicts with other solutions
  • No scrambling for IT to get connected to the server
  • No virus attacks causing lost data – Acumatica and Amazon have your protected
  • No data backups needed – Again, Acumatica and Amazon have your back

  1. Single Data source– So many things are easier when you only have one application.  Your staff has only one system to learn and all information (whether client, product or vendor) is always stored in this common location  
  • Everything is in one place
  • All related activity can be tied together and easily found

  1. Reporting options – Ultimately, the value of an ERP system is about getting the information to do your job and make decisions.  Access must be timely, easy, and accurate.  
  • Dashboards – visual awareness!  That picture is worth a thousand words.
  • GI’s (Generic Inquiries) allow for instant reporting  
  • Focus on Today’s work Today
  • Shared data views provide a single version of Truth aligning the organization

  1. Data access options – Sometimes you need to have systems communicate with each other.  Acumatica leverages Microsoft’s OData and Microsoft Office Tools.
  • Connected to your data with ODATA
  • Export reports to Excel with a single button
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration

  1. Financial Reporting – In addition to Generic Inquiries, Acumatica includes financial reporting tools.
  • Easily customize all financial reports
  • Distribute reports electronically or via dashboards

  1. Alerts are a standard feature with Acumatica as part of the commitment to collaboration.
  • No more KnowledgeSync
  • Fully automated, based on data change triggers OR time-intervals
  • Available in every module and screen in the system
  • Available via email, SMS Text or push notification to the mobile app

  1. Built in Visual Workflows - Again, no more 3rd party tools to achieve automation.  
  • Design a workflow that matches your current business process
  • Multiple workflows keyed off a field (Order Types, Customer Types etc.)
  • No more skipped approvals or processes

  1. The best and easiest user interface
  • Drag and Drop files in records, master & transactions, headers and lines
  • Cut and paste transactions or master records
  • Excel-like grid inquiry screens with sorting, filters, and quick import/export
  • Universal searches on transactions, master records, help and assistance

  1. Security and Licensing – Acumatica encourages all employees to access the company ERP.  
  • Security is designed to ensure each department and position has access to the information related to their daily activities while protecting confidential information.
  1. 1099 Form - e-Filing just became easier with direct filing to IRS,  
  • no fees for additional service

  1. Mobile Access – Anywhere, Anytime access wherever you are.  
  • Any device that has a browser and access your system.  
  • The mobile app is streamlined and easy to use.  

  1. Paperless system – Truly a paperless solution.  
  • Attach documents to any master record or transaction throughout the entire system  
  • Send attached documents or generated reports/forms via alerts and emails
  • Document Management revision tracking  
  • Initiate documents within the system that travel through the life of the task

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