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Acumatica Leverages MS Outlook with Add-in

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Dec 9

Cristi Womack

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How many hours a day do you waste trying to get your emails to where they need to be?  On average, US workers spend at least 6 hours checking their email each day.  Add to that the needed to be able to capture those emails somewhere other than your inbox and you are probably spending close to 8 hours a day on just emails.  In order to save time, install the Acumatica Outlook feature to assist with your CRM needs.  

The integration with the CRM module and Outlook allows creating new leads and contacts directly from your mailbox. If you have a Case management feature enables you can also create cases and attach the logged activity directly into your case.  No more wasting time duplicating efforts.  

Acumatica has expanded their Outlook add on to include the Construction Edition as of 2020R2.  You will not be able to create a project directly through your email along with attaching activities to projects.  

In order to do this, you will have to have an Office365 or Exchange account.  You must be using Outlook 2013 or 2016 for Windows and Outlook 2016 for Mac.  Windows 7 and higher or Mac OS and your browser must be IE11 and higher, Safari 9 and the higher, latest version of Google Chrome, or the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

Now let us get to the meat of the matter.  Once you are logged into your Acumatica client, go to your User Profile and on the Email Settings tab download the Outlook Add-In manages.  The file will save on your computer somewhere.  

Now we are going to go into your Outlook mailbox and click on Manage Add-ins from the Account Information screen.  

A new window will open.  Click on My add-ins and scroll to the bottom where it shows Custom add-ins.

Click Add a customer add-in and click “Add from file”.  Follow the prompts where you saved the file you downloaded earlier.  

Click Install.  The install will start automatically, once it has installed the Acumatica ribbon button is created in Outlook.  

Now that we have installed the add-in we can start attaching emails.  

Click on the Acumatica button on the ribbon and it will ask you to sign in to Acumatica.  

While you are on an email and click the Acumatica button and Acumatica cannot locate a contact it will ask you to create contact or lead.  

However, if Acumatica can find a contact in the system for the sender, it will come up with a few options from view contact to create an opportunity.  Clicking on any of those items will bring up more options to attach the email in Acumatica.

This is a huge help for everyone in the company to know what is going on with a case or contact or now project instead of just the person receiving the email.  

See below for a quick “how-to” overview.

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