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10 Reasons to Choose Acumatica; Plus One More

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Feb 26

Daniel Rhodes

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You've identified you need a dedicated accounting software. Your business has grown (congratulations!) and you need to focus on the business strategy instead of managing every accounting and operational task by hand (or spreadsheet). Or maybe your accountant has been recommending you make this change for a while and now is the time.

Now that you know you need to change, you face the task of making the right software choice. The market is brimming with solutions ranging from one-size-fits all with a broad set of capabilities to very niche operators that have spent their product lifespan providing a narrow span of capabilities better than anyone else. Add the technological shift to the cloud and you have a lot of information to sort through.

No matter how you got here, when considering this kind of purchase, you want to be sure of a few things. First- that the technology you are considering can address your unique business model. [Example here?]. Second- That the technology you choose can grow with your business for the next 10+ years. Third- You have an expert partner that can provide immediate support/ensure your environment is working.

With these universal considerations in mind, we would strongly recommend you consider a cloud based Accounting software with ERP capabilities you can grow into and scale with as needed. In the market today, there is only one tool that has that level of technology and flexibility; Acumatica. They are a leading ERP solution for mid-market customers across all industries. Acumatica made a name for themselves by providing powerful ERP functionality built for the cloud with flexible licensing and deployment options. What follows are the top 10 reasons we recommend Acumatica to our customers.

1. Full, Modern ERP Functionality.

Your needs may range from accounting automation to distribution and manufacturing capabilities. Acumatica's platform is built around accounting to provide a single silo of truth across the entire business, whether that includes eCommerce, distribution, and more. The out-of-the-box functionality of Acumatica is on par with legacy titans in the ERP space, ensuring that no customer in the mid-market has to make a compromise for a solution right for their business.

2. Built for Cloud.

You can't search the term 'software' without getting your top results peppered with "cloud" terminology. That's because cloud software is becoming the standard for even the most robust software solutions in the market. ERP has been one of the most cautious segment of technologies to make this move due to concerns around performance and security. Acumatica was the first ERP company to successfully build their platform entirely for cloud deployments (though others are offered) and address both performance and security.

3. Extended Ecosystem.

This cloud architecture allows Acumatica to integrate with some of the leading solutions in the market like DocuSign and Avalara. Legacy software offerings rely on costly and sluggish customizations. The cloud platform of Acumatica is built for connections to other web-based solutions (and on-premise software) to provide seamless business performance.

4. System Security.

On the topic of Cloud architecture, data security is and will continue to be a critical issue as our economy relies more and more on technology. Instead of requiring your IT teams to assume the burden of responsibility to acquire enterprise-level data-center security measures, Acumatica provides this level of security for all of their customers, even those hosted at the customer location.

5. Flexible Deployment.

Having your software hosted in an enterprise-class datacenter has numerous benefits such as security, performance, and higher levels of uptime. Some customers require or prefer hosting their own software. Acumatica provides the flexibility to choose what deployment option is best for your business. If your deployment needs change after implementing Acumatica, they can also move your environment to the cloud from on premise, or vice versa, at no interruption to your business.

6. Unlimited Users.

User counts are typically a bottleneck when deciding what solution is right for your business. In an effort to stay within budget, you may have to decide who gets access and who needs to document their data for manual keying. Acumatica has unlimited user access as a standard because your business should not be slowed down based on how many people have access to the right data. User access is restricted based on roles and permissions so there's no chance that a typo impacts your financial reports.

7. Industry Focus.

Manufacturers have different needs than nonprofits, and some distributors also have some manufacturing. Your business is unique and you need a solution that can provide the expertise and functionality you need without restricting you. Acumatica has industry-specific editions that provide that out of the box functionality specific to your business but with the same flexibility that allows you to have manufacturing, distribution and eCommerce all in the same system for complete business visibility.

8. Market Stability.

Acumatica has customers in all industries and across the world. Their cutting-edge technology in the ERP market is supported by a healthy ecosystem of clients and partners that ensure their growth and stability as a long-term investment for your business. Indeed, some of Acumatica's best customers are providing development feedback and customizations that are core to their business that other customers find beneficial.

9. Global Presence.

Your business may not be international but you need a partner with global mindset and capabilities in our increasingly global economy. Acumatica operates all over the world giving their customers a team that never sleeps with insights into global trends and diverse business requirements.

10. Award Winning.

Admit it, we all love accolades. When you're a software, though, they mean a lot more. Acumatica has won numerous awards from analysts and leading publications like PCMAG and CODiE that stand as a testament to their strength among peers. This proves the market's confidence in Acumatica as a leading solution against some of the biggest names in business technology.


Plus One More Reason: . Local Support and Implementation.

This is where we come in. Acumatica is 100% partner driven on the sales and implementation side of their business. This allows them to build the best tools for the customer and allows CS3 Technology to focus on bringing the best knowledge and skills. Customers that implement with a local partner are far more successful due to the partner familiarity with their business throughout the entire project life-cycle.


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