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SmartTalks - Transform Your Business Processes with Acumatica Workflows

June 23, 2023

During the latest SmartTalk, Cristi Womack, ERP Consultant, and Troy Vars, ERP Manager and Senior Development Consultant, shared valuable insights on Acumatica's advanced workflow functionalities.

Workflow, defined as the computerized facilitation or automation of a business process, can help organizations plan ahead and identify critical tasks, efficiently complete daily operations, and proactively identify potential issues. In 2023, Acumatica plans to release improvements to Visual Workflow, including out-of-the-box workflow and visual workflow customization, giving users even more flexibility in tailoring workflows to their unique business needs.

What is Workflow?

  • Workflow is the computerized facilitation or automation of a business process, in whole or part
  • Workflow is there to help:
  • Plan ahead and identify critical tasks
  • Do todays work problem 
  • Proactively look for problems

Acumatica Notifications have also undergone a transformation, being rebranded as Email Templates. The automation notifications have been renamed to reflect their new capabilities, and now include mobile notifications, extending notifications to a user's mobile device.

2023 Improvements to Visual Workflow

  • Out of The Box Workflow
  • Visual Workflow Customization
  • Standard vs. Custom 

But it doesn't stop there - business events now go beyond email alerts. With Acumatica's enhancements, users can trigger tasks, mobile push notifications, SMS text messages, and import scenarios from generic inquiries. These functionalities unlock an entirely new level of customization and potential for workflow automation. 

Acumatica Notifications Rebranded to Email Templates

  • Automation notifications relabeled Email Templates
  • Push Notifications now Mobile Notifications 

Business Events aren’t just for Email Alerts Anymore

  • Triggering Tasks
  • Triggering Mobile Push Notifications 
  • Triggering SMS Text Messages
  • Triggering Import Scenarios from Generic Inquiries 

Overall, Acumatica's workflow capabilities continue to evolve and improve, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition and achieve new levels of efficiency and automation.

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