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Replacing your Legacy HR and Payroll Systems

April 5, 2023

Revolutionize Your HR Systems with Scissortail HCM

Are you tired of dealing with multiple legacy systems that don't communicate with each other? Do you want to empower your employees with easy access to their information? Look no further than Scissortail HCM by UKG. 

In this lunch and learn presentation, we went over the shortcomings of legacy systems. We also discussed how Scissortail HCM can help your HR and payroll processes. 

Say goodbye to multiple logins and interfaces and hello to a single silo for all employee data. With automated notifications, paperless systems, and graphical representations, Scissortail HCM offers everything you need to streamline your HR and payroll processes. Plus, with tax services and outsourced payroll options, you can focus on what really matters - growing your business. Watch now to learn more.

Replacing your Legacy HR and Payroll Systems

No matter which legacy software you are currently using, Scissortail HCM by UKG is a highly sensible and budget-friendly solution. With features that cater to the modern business and workforce, it is designed to streamline HR management processes. This includes an increase to operational efficiency and improvements to the overall employee experience

Consider these shortcomings in legacy products:

  1. Employee Retention – All employees expect they can get their paystubs, available vacation, and W2 reprints on their own.  They also expect that they will be able to access their information from mobile devices and their home computers.
  2. Easy Data Access – Legacy systems leveraged a “Best of Breed” concept that is now outdated.  They used systems from multiple vendors that were interfaced.  A common configuration would include four different vendors: HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance, and Recruiting.
  3. Multiple Systems – Users could have four or more logins, processes, and user interfaces.  Each employee must learn how to navigate and report from the various systems. 

What Scissortail Offers:

  • 24/7 365 Data Access / Employee Empowerment
  • Single Silo for all employee data / Hire to Retire Data
  • Automated Notification
  • Paperless Systems
  • Graphical Representations / Easy Data Access
  • Collaboration
  • Tax Services
  • Outsourced Payroll Options

Scissortail HCM by UKG is an all-in-one, less expensive solution for uplifting your HR and payroll systems. Ditch your legacy software and bring your operations into a single silo, backed by automated notifications and paperless systems. Now, there is no need for siloed data, confusion between systems or relying on manual methods. Upgrade to Scissortail HCM by UKG and experience exceptional productivity every day.

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