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April 17, 2018

Today we are going to talk about Scissortail HCM and how all data contained in one database allows you to update your system in real time. For those of you that have had to transfer data to and from your Time and Attendance System or from your HR system to Payroll, this is a huge bonus!

Let’s take a look at what that means to you in action in Scissortail. We are going to look at this from 3 different views. To start with, I am currently logged in as a manager. In the TLM system in Scissortail as you can see from my dashboard, when there are missing punches and other exceptions like early/late arrivals so that managers can deal with exceptions the very day they happen. You can also see the Attendance board which shows you a live view of the in and out punches. To see this in action, I can click on and employee, and then punch them in. Then go back to my dashboard and see the change in real time. In addition, we can put in a time off request for Vacation and then look at the balances in real time.

From the payroll perspective, I can look at all pay changes as they happen in real time as well.
I am going to click on Manage payrolls – view all payrolls

Then we are going to click on Add/Edit Pay statements and we are going to stick with Josh Bronson. Let’s run a special pay run for a bonus. I am going to select New Pay Statement and then select Josh’s name and leave it Bonus. As you can see his deduction for 401k is shown. I will add his bonus earning and give him $500. Once we hit preview, we can see a view of his check in real time with the allocations, taxes, etc shown. At this time if I wanted to add in another deduction or earning, I would just click off of the preview, add in the deduction and then preview again. Once complete, I will hit save.

Now finally if I go in as a regular employee, I will be able to see my timesheet, Clock in and Out, any exceptions, Calculation Detail and Summary as well as a Summary by Day. As an employee, I can see how much overtime I have through my last punch, see their up to date time off balances. If the employee needs to change their hours for some reason, they can click on Change Requests and then select the appropriate change. To adjust the punch in, click Modify Punch in and we will make a quick adjustment there and then Submit Changes with a quick note. And then I also need to Adjust the Punch Out time so I will do that by clicking the Change Requests button again. Once both of those are in place, I will it Submit for Approval and add any note that is necessary.

Scissortail has all your data at your fingertips. Having your data in one table assures that you can see your data throughout the system in real time which enables you to have efficient payrolls and reporting for better business decisions.

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