February 14, 2018

You can use the OSHA page to track and maintain any workplace accidents or injuries for OSHA regulation reporting. You can also maintain information for filing workers' compensation claims.

When an incident occurs

  • Go to the Employee’s Page in HRMS
  • Employees > View/Edit Employee
  • Select the Employee to update
  • Go to the Employee’s Safety section
  • Selct the OSHA Tab
  • Click Add to add the new incident
  • HRMS will automatically update the case number with the next number available.

For each incident, the OSHA page shows the applicable date, case number, type of injury, whether this incident is reportable, whether this incident is a privacy case and description of the injury.

  • Now complete all the fields on each tab
  • Case tab
  • Location
  • Incident
  • Treatment
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Click OK to Save

The incidents will be listed on theEmployee’s OSHA Summary Page.

Now that you are tracking the incidents, you need to be able to report on them.

The OSHA Incidents analysis enables you to summarize and view accidents, illnesses and injuries reported during a specific time period. The analysis counts all employees whose incident date falls within the date range you specify. You enter the incident date for an employee when you complete the information on the OSHA Incident page.

To find the reports:

  • Go to Reports > (Employees) OSHA Reports
  • Select from the analysis reports

My favorite reports are:

  • Accidents by date - my Worker’s Comp Insurance Carrier always wanted this
  • Workers Comp. Open Claims - helps me know if I have any followup to do.

It’s just that simple! This super easy process will make a huge difference in your HR world.

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