How to Setup and View Audit Trail Reports with Sage HRMS

October 26, 2017

To setup the Audit Trail

  1. Go to Setup / System
  2. Click Enterprise Setup
  3. Select Audit trail Setup tab
  4. Check Box Enable File Audit
  5. Choose file to audit from the Select file to audit drop down list
  6. Ceck Box for the File Description/Field Description you want to edit
  7. Click Apply
  8. Repeat steps 5,6 & 7 until all
    selections have been made
  9. Click OK

To run an Audit Trail Report

  1. Go to Reports / System
  2. Select Audit Trail Reports
  3. Report List Tab
  4. Chose the Type report you want to see: By Date, By File/Field or By User
  5. Standard Criteria Tab
  6. Complete your criteria
  7. Select Date Range
  8. Click Preview to run report and open in a preview window

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