Accounts Receivable

How to Print AR Statements in Acumatica ERP

January 13, 2020

Generating and Printing AR Statements in Acumatica

Stay on top of cash flow by reminding customer of past due balances. It is simple with Acumatica.

First you will go into receivables and click prepare statements.  Pick the statement date and if you have more than one statement cycle choose the one you are wishing to prepare.

Click the check box and click process.

Once you receive the green processed message go into print statements by clicking on receivables - print statements. You have actions to either print, email, mark as do not print or do not email, and regenerate.  

You can choose to process all or a select few by clicking the box next to the items you wish to process and either click process or process all.  Once it is done processing, it will show a preview page, click print the print icon and it will open the print dialog box.

Choose which printer you want to process these through and click print.



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