Hanging Crystal Reports Inside Sage HRMS Payroll

July 9, 2018

In this tip we are going to review how to add crystal reports into the sage HRMS payroll module. There is a different video that covers how to attach for other modules into Sage HRMS. In order attach any reports inside Sage HRMS, we need to make sure that the reports are stored in the proper folder. You’re going to want to look under your “Data” folder, and in “Custom Reports” you will see that there is a folder for each module.

For payroll, you are going to have to add the folder then copy any of the reports inside of it that you want to be able to attach inside Sage HRMS. Then you will want to make sure that everyone is out of Sage HRMS, and then we can proceed.

Click on “System” > “Customize Menu” and then “Payroll” as the “Product.” The “Activity” will be “Report” and the “Group” and “Submenu” should both be “All.” Click “Add” and type “Crystal Group” into the “SubMenu” section and hit “OK.” You can see it adds the group on the right, and we are going to double click it to name it “Crystal Reports” in the “Report Group” and the “Status Bar Message” section. I’m going to double click on that, and now I can add in any of the reports that are in the folder.

After you say “OK” it will tell you that the system wants to rebuild system files at this time. You will want to say “Yes” so that you can access the newly added reports the next time that you log in. Now that the rebuild system files is complete, click on “Reports” and scroll down to “Payroll” to find “Crystal Reports” that you just added as well as the reports that you added inside of it.

If anybody has trouble accessing or seeing the new folder or reports, you may need to go adjust security groups to allow them to access them. It’s as easy as that, Enjoy!

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