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Exploring the Security Concepts in Scissortail HCM

September 5, 2023

In this article, we will delve deeper into the security concepts of Scissortail HCM, an innovative cloud-based product designed with employee self-service functionality in mind. As we unravel the security profiles available within the system, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of how organizations can leverage these features to enhance their workforce management practices.

Understanding Security Profiles

Scissortail HCM offers various security profiles tailored to different roles within an organization. Starting with an employee level profile, individuals gain access to foundational features such as time entry, basic accrual information, pay statements, and other customizable self-service options. As employees assume managerial positions, their access is elevated to encompass more authority and functionality, including overseeing their own employees, pay rates, and initiating HR actions like performance improvement plans and recording incidents or accidents.

Managerial Roles and Responsibilities

Managers within Scissortail HCM not only retain self-service capabilities but also gain additional privileges to effectively fulfill their supervisory responsibilities. They possess the authority to approve timesheets, time-off requests, and adjustments to timesheets when necessary. As gatekeepers of workforce management, managers play a crucial role in ensuring accurate and timely data entry.

Administrative Access

At the administrative level, directors of HR and payroll enjoy the full spectrum of features available within Scissortail HCM. Alongside self-service and employee management capabilities, system administrators possess comprehensive control over the entire organization's system, making them vital to the smooth functioning of the platform. Their access extends to managing the entire system as well as overseeing directory ports.

Additional Security Options

In addition to the core security profiles, Scissortail HCM also provides several specialized security options like APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) designed for seamless integration with other products. These interfaces enable powerful connections and enhanced functionalities. Notably, the applicant security profile is particularly beneficial for organizations utilizing the applicant tracking system, facilitating the completion of questionnaires, applications, and offer letters.

Terminated Employees and Advanced Customizations

Once employees separate from the organization, their security profile is transitioned to the "terminated employee" level. This status enables limited access to pay statements, address changes, and other essential information required for post-employment support. Moreover, organizations can create custom security profiles to meet specific requirements. For example, a basic profile like "Payroll Admin Hourly" may be designated for payroll clerks managing hourly employee payrolls, showcasing the flexibility and adaptability of Scissortail HCM.

In conclusion, Scissortail HCM offers a myriad of security options to ensure secure and efficient workforce management. Starting from the foundation of employee self-service, the system provides escalating levels of access and authority as employees progress through various roles. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set, Scissortail HCM empowers organizations to optimize their workforce management practices and enhance overall efficiency.

Should you have any further questions or require additional guidance, our implementation team is readily available to assist you on your Scissortail HCM journey.

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