Easy Navigation with Acumatica Favorites List

September 27, 2017

This quick video will show you how to build your favorites menu


"This is Darrell Scott. And the tip for today is how to work with favorites in Acumatica. This is a CS3 Acumatica tip.

Let's assume I'm an accounting manager at our demonstration company. And I have responsibilities in a number of the financial modules. In general ledger, these are the tasks that I routinely work with: journal transactions, trial balance detail, balance sheet, and p&l. In accounts payable: bills and adjustments and release AP documents. In AR: invoices and memos; payments and applications; release AR documents; and print invoices. And occasionally, I transfer funds in cash management.

So as you can see, to access these tasks, I would be navigating through a number of different models and different tabs in the modules. Acumatica gives us a way to more simply access these tasks and build favorites. Which is a menu for me, for the tasks that I want to have on my favorites list.

If you look at these screens, they have this button “add to favorites.”  And when it's gray, it's not on the Favorites task, but when I click it, it is now added on the favorites,and a new icon appears on my navigation menu. And you can see that now journal entries--journal transactions is part of my favorites. So if I go through and add all of these tasks to my favorites list, we’ll see what it looks like it just a moment.

Now when I look at my favorites, here are all my tasks. I can get to them without opening other menus. I can go to anyone with just one click. When I add a task to my favorites list, it adds to the bottom. So if I had a new GL task I wanted to put up here with these others. If I were to go and add a new GL tasks. You'll see that it's down here at the bottom. But there's a way to adjust these tabs once they've been created, and that is what this link here that takes you to the Favorites maintenance screen. Now here you can add folders and create groups of tasks on your favorites list so let's try that.

So I'm going to add a new favorite. And a second. And a third. And lastly. All right, so how does that help us. I'm going to now re-align the sequence, and here is how I can get my transactions for the period up where I want it. Now there's many ways to organize these. One way might be you want to put all of your closing processes together on a Favorites tab.

Alright so now we have these sequenced. If I save this, the new tests added don't show up here anywhere. So let's see what we can do here.If we take this and say move it down a level. It got added to the GL tasks as you can see now. So let's do that now over and over until I have all of my GL tasks as part of GL.

And now when I save it, you can see that I have my folders,and different items in the folders. So this is, again, just one way to organize.I could have any number of folders, and any descriptions and locate things where I want. They don't have to be grouped by module.

This gives you the ability to organize a customized menu for yourself. It's that easy. Have fun navigating."

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