Customizing your payroll process in Sage HRMS

April 21, 2014

Today, we are going to learn how to customize the process payroll screen. As you see before you, this is our normal process payroll screen that gives us the tasks that we normally follow for doing our payroll process. We will show how to edit a task and either put it on or off the screen as well as choosing a report that we won’t want to run at the time of calculating payroll.

Over on the left-hand side we’re going to click on “System” > “Customize Process Payroll” to bring up the custom process payroll edit screen. The group is “Payroll”, the submenu allows us to do processes, quick launch, reports, and tasks. Today we are going to concentrate on tasks and reports, but we will choose tasks first.

On the right-hand side is all the tasks that are available to add to the report. Below, you will see all the tasks that have already been included on that process payroll screen. Today, we are going to choose “Transaction History” then click on “Add” and it will get inserted on the bottom. We can click on it and move it up or down depending on where we are and how we would like to see it on the flowchart. In this case, it is usually a function that is after payroll so we will leave it where it’s at. There is one task that I would like to take off the payroll process, and that is the “Import TimeSheet” option. We do not use it for this example so we will click on it and then click “remove.” It will prompt you to make sure that you want to remove it then it will move back onto the “Available” list.

I would like to add a report that we would normally use after calculating payroll. It is called the pre-check register. We will go back up to the submenu and select “Reports.” On the right, the list of available reports will appear and we want to find “Pre-Check Payroll Register” and “Add.” Now that it is added to the list of what is included in our payroll process it is not where we want it. So, click on “move up” until it is where you want it to be installed. Normally, we calculate payroll then want to see what is on that payroll and that is why I put it in that order.

Now we are done and can click on “OK.” We have completed it successfully and now we are going to restart the Sage HRMS system. Upon the HRMS system restarting, we can now come in and click on “Payroll” > “Process Payroll” to see the flowchart. The first thing we will see is that the optional timesheet is now gone. As we go through it, we can see “Calculate Payroll” and then the report we added for “Pre-Check Payroll Register.” As we follow the flowchart along, we now see where our task of “Transaction History” has been added.

I hope this has helped you, and that you use it in the future. Thank you.

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