Scissortail HCM

Creating Custom Electronic Forms for Scissortail HCM

July 31, 2019

Custom forms

Today we are going to create custom forms in Scissortail.  Now, these can be done from scratch but I’m going to focus on the much more exciting and easier way to do that by using an existing PDF form.

To do this:

  1. Go to the hamburger menu in the top left corner
  2. Choose Company Settings > HR Setup > Custom Forms
  3. Click Add New in the top right corner
  4. Name your form
  5. Copy name into Description
  6. Click Save 
  7. Click Upload PDF Document
  8. Click Choose File to browse for the file you want to upload
  9. Click OK

Scissortail will pull in the form and separate it by page.

  1. Click the pencil to edit Page One.
  2.  Click Add New Field
  3. Then click the Pencil  for the New Field
  4. Label the New Field (Employee Name)
  5. Copy Label into the Description
  6. Type =Employee
  7. Default Value = Full Name
  8. Click on the New Field 1 in top left corner fo the form and move it down to the area titled Name
  9. You can change the width of the boxes
  10. Click Save 

You can do the same thing to the rest of the labels and change the name, field, and width depending on the label.

  • Click Back to go to your page selection to edit another page.

Scissortail allows you to sign forms electronically using the following steps:

  • Click Add New Field
  • Type =Sign
  •  Default Value - Select who should sign the form (Employee)
  • Change the Width of the box if desired
  • Click Save

To preview the form:

  • Click Back to the Fields Page
  • Click Preview

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