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Creating Cases or Support Tickets in Acumatica ERP

December 7, 2020

First you will need to set up a System Email Account.  Go into System management>Email Preferences>System Email Accounts. We will use support in this example so any emails coming into they will automatically generate a case for us. For that to happen, on the Incoming Mail Processing tab check create new case and assign it a default case class and click attach to business account or contact or lead.  This will assist with the later discussion in historical data.

When we receive an email to it will automatically generate a case and tie it to a business account and contact ifone is in the system.  If there isn’t a contact already generated the system will create the case without a business account and contact and will be set to the default case type.    

You can also have Acumatica linked to an exchange server and have policies generated on how to manage those emails.

Under System Management>Email Preferences>Exchange Synchronization Policies

You will have defaults set up for how you want your emails to sync within your system. In Acumatica ERP, you can synchronize contacts, emails, tasks, and events between your users’ Exchange Server and Acumatica ERP accounts.

Then under Exchange Server Configuration You can specify the quantity of records sent or received during each performed synchronization, limit the synchronized attachment size, and specify the synchronization policy to be used by default. Also, to speed up the connection,you can specify the URL of the mail server. Additionally, you select which events will be recorded in the synchronization log. You can select one of the following logging levels:

None: Nothing is recorded.

Default: Errors and warnings are recorded.

Informational: Errors, warnings,and basic events are recorded.

Verbose: All events are recorded.This is the highest level of logging.

If you have the Acumatica/Outlook plug in, you can also turn emails which were sent directly to you into cases or log activity.  Going to take this email I received and turn it into a case by clicking on the Acumatica plug in and answering some questions. If the email is from a contact already it will have a business account tied to it if not you will only be able to create a create a contact or lead.  I am going to change this to someone I know is in the system so we can get the correct questions to show up.  Clicking on create case will bring up new options.  Make your selections and click create case.   Now if we go into the support section and look on the unassigned cases, you will now see the case has been created and the email is attached. The case is now in Acumatica and be worked as normal. 

Now let’s discuss how to view historical data on cases.  If you click on a business account (USA Bartending) and go to the cases tab you will see all the cases that have been created for them and a status / reason. While looking at the Activities tab, you will be able to see what type of activities are tied to the said business account and on the contact tab, you will be able to see which activities are tied to a specific contact within the business.  

Having all of this information within one system is so much quicker, easier, and more efficient.

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