Creating Automated Notifications with Acumatica ERP

March 29, 2019

Today we are going to talk about doing Automation Notifications.

Under your menu select System Management. All Items and then Automation Notification.

Once this comes up you will need to select the Screen Id that will trigger your Automation Notification.

In our case, I will be using the Invoice Screen in AR.

Give it a description of something concise and simple.

We are not sending a report, only an email so go ahead and remove those selections by choosing none.  

We build our subject line by using the drop-down select box and the fields that are located within.

For example, I select the reference number here, then go ahead and enter some text before adding the person that actually removed the document from the hold that way we know who made that change.

I will then go and build the body of our email with the text we want to be transmitted.

Again I select the reference number as that is the key info and last modified and then add a short message with further details.  

This message can be constructed of any of the multiple options for the transaction.

It does not have to be limited to what I put here., but is limited to the document type you are using.

Note if you make a mistake you can copy or cut just make sure that gray area stays around your field.

From there we access the conditions tab and set the conditions under which you want the message to be sent.

In the example here I am looking for the value of Hold to be unchecked.

Next, I set the trigger on the fields tab so that when this field is changed it will send.

We are going to add our email addresses that our email notification will go out to.  

You can select a specific user like Ralph here, or an email tied to your documents such as the Owner or a Sales Person here I CC the Owner of the invoice.

I add the person that made the last modifier as a Reply Type. This ensures that if anyone replies directly to the email it goes to the person that triggered the event and not to our system account.

This is a rather nice feature of Acumatica provides for us.

Do a last check thru our tabs to make sure everything took the way we wanted it to. Save and then we will run a test to make sure it is functioning as expected.

I go into an invoice take it off hold.

This triggers the notification to be generated.

We can verify the format in System Management and look at Send Notifications.

We have a new item that was removed from hold by admin which in this case is me.  

This notification will be sent via email by our next scheduled system job.

In the meantime, we can look at the format of the email and ensure all the data is being filled in by the system by clicking the view message button.

And it is, so success. We have successfully added our Automation Notification

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