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Creating a Side Panel in Acumatica Generic Inquiries

March 10, 2020

Acumatica Generic Inquiry (GI) Side Panel:

Today I’m going to show you how to save clicks and stop you from traveling down rabbit holes.

Most everyone is familiar with viewing a Generic Inquiry.  Just about any screen you go to it starts you out on a generic inquiry.  Once there, you can either click on the blue hyperlink to open said document or double click on the line.  If you are on a Purchase Order GI, it will take you to the specific PO. However, if you are on a Vendor GI, double clicking with take you to the specific vendor.  

If you were on a Purchase Order GI and wanted to see the vendor for your selected Purchase Order, you would have to either open a new window and follow the tree to locate the vendor via search, or you would open the PO then open the vendor from there. While it is doable either way, what if you could have the best of both worlds without that much clicking around?

In the new Acumatica 2019R1 we are able to do just that.

In this example I am going to show you how to create a sidebar on a Purchase Order generic inquiry so you can view the Vendor detail or Purchase order detail at the same time you are looking at the Generic Inquiry itself. Yes, you can have more than one side panel option.   Since the side panel will take you to the vendor or PO in question, you will be able to quickly edit the desired values or scroll through lines to research a little quicker,while you still have the main generic inquiry form open.  

Open the Generic Inquiry you are wishing to modify.  On the navigation tab click the + under screens.  Click the magnifying glass to bring up the tree and navigate to the desired screen.  In my example we are going to choose the Vendor screen. On window mode drop down, select side panel. While there are other options available, I am only showing the new side panel option.  The drop-down options are:

  • Same Tab: The screen opens in the same browser tab instead of the inquiry. This is the default mode.
  • New Tab: The screen opens in a new browser tab.
  • Pop-Up Window: The screen opens in a new pop-up window.

There seems to be a glitch, but we just need to add the vendor screen again before moving on.  I am leaving the Icon field blank at this point and it will default a folder.  Click the + on the right side of the page under Navigation parameters. Select AcctCD under field and Vendor.AcctCD under Parameter.  We will now add the Purchase order to the side panel.  Click on the + under screens and navigate to the Purchase Order screen. Select side panel and go back and add the Purchase order screen again.  This time we will give the Icon a different look.  Select Details in the drop down.  Click the + under Navigation Parameters and match up the Order number with the PO order number and the order type with the PO order type. Click save. Click view inquiry and you will notice there are a couple of new icons on the right side of the page.  

Let’s explore what we just created.  Click on the arrow to open the side panel.  The first tab will open and it shows the vendor screen we added.  If we click on the next icon it will open the Purchase order screen.  Say you wanted to see if there were any addresses overridden on any of your POs. Instead of having to go into each PO and clicking on vendor info tab you can bring up the side panel and arrow up or down through the list and see if anything changes.

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