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Accessing Sage 100 Forms with Crystal Reports

May 3, 2017

Forms are handled a bit differently than reports in Sage 100. Knowing how Sage and Crystal work together is not readily evident. But they are simple to do once you know the tricks.


"This is Darrell Scott. The knowledge tip for today is accessing Sage 100 forums with Crystal Reports. Sage 100 forums are printed documents that did not show up in the Reports menu; we will address accessing Sage 100 reports in another video.

In this example, we will access the AR invoice by going to the print process, selecting a batch, click proceed. Here we are looking at the AR invoice printing dialog. Notice that there is one form code currently defined. Our recommendation is to not ever modify the standard form code, but instead type a name, select a paper style, and use this form code as your modified version and leave the standard alone.

Once you have identified your form code to use in the upper right corner is the designer button, which is how you access this report with Crystal Reports. If the designer button is not visible on your screen, there are two reasons why that might happen. First, security may be set so that you do not have access to the Crystal Designer. And second, you may not have Crystal Reports installed on your machine. Crystal Reports must be installed on each computer where Crystal Reports are going to be modified.

Click the designer button to launch Crystal Reports, and here we have accessing Crystal Reports to modify our test copy of the standard AR invoice report. Once you make your changes, return to the printing dialog to preview and print your report. Notice that we do now have a standard and test version of the crystal report.

That's all there is to have fun reporting."

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