Accessing Crystal Reports in Sage HRMS

April 14, 2017


Log into Sage HRMS, and look under connected services. If you don’t see Crystal Reports in your drop-down menu, there could be a few issues.


"This is Brandi Clymer. The knowledge tip from CS3 today is accessing Crystal Reports in Sage HRMS.

This is a subject that many clients have asked me about. So, our first step to get to Crystal Reports is to go ahead and log in to Sage HRMS. Once in, I’ll come down under connected services, and under Sage HRMS Tools I should see Crystal Reports. If you don't see Crystal Reports here, its probably one of the three issues. First thing could be that I don't have security rights to see Crystal Reports. Second thing is I don't have Crystal Reports installed, or my third thing is, I could be using a different version of Crystal Reports then is the supported version for this version of HRMS. Right now, the supported Crystal Reports version for Sage HRMS 2016 is Crystal Reports 2011.

Once you have it resolved, and you can access Crystal Reports, just click it here.

Once crystals open, I can either start a new report from a blank report using the report wizard, or I can open up existing Crystal Reports.

Let's take a look at the Crystal Reports that come with Sage HRMS. I can find this underneath my data folder in a folder called custom reports. I'll see that there's multiple folders here. And if I go under the HR folder, I'll see there's a lot of different reports that come standard with the system. I can take and open any of these reports, customize them, make them my own by adding columns formulas those types of things and save them in this folder. Once I've customized a report. I can also add that report. It's what I use frequently inside of HRMS into my menu structure, so it's easier for other users to get to, or myself. If I hang the report inside HRMS menus, I don't have to have Crystal Reports installed. So I only need Crystal Reports installed to build or modifying a crystal report.

We have a whole video on how to actually attach or hang Crystal Reports inside of Sage HRMS, and you can find that video up on our website."

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