HCM for Manufacturers • Field Service • Distribution

Imagine Streamlining HR Processes, End-to-end, with an Integrated Suite of Solutions, from Recruitment and Payroll to Analytics and Workforce Performance Optimization.

Scissortail HCM is the perfect solution for manufacturers looking to streamline their workforce management processes. Our platform provides easy-to-use solutions that help you simplify payroll, HR, and time tracking - all in one place. 

Supporting the multifaceted requirements of manufacturers

Scissortail HCM caters to diverse roles—from the executive level to the manufacturing floor. Discover how our solution aids in predicting potential shortages of skilled workers and enables employees to stay engaged and informed through mobile access.

Discover insights with these helpful resources

Harness the power of Scissortail HCM to gain a deeper understanding of how it can revolutionize your operations. Unlock new efficiencies, optimize processes, and elevate your manufacturing game to new heights. Embrace this cutting-edge technology and stay ahead of the competition.

Uncover the ideal workforce solution

Scissortail HCM, powered by UKG, offers cutting-edge workforce management solutions that seamlessly blend life and work. Experience technological brilliance that delivers exceptional results for your workforce and organization.

Specialized Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Advanced features designed for your unique industry requirements.

Real-Time Workforce Insights - Stay in the know with up-to-the-minute operational data, empowering you to tackle workforce challenges head-on.

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Smart Staff Scheduling - Effortlessly create optimized schedules that align with production demand and factor in employee skills, certifications, and preferences.

Mobile Workforce Empowerment - Enable your workforce to access work-related information, swap shifts, and request time off, anytime and anywhere.

A Complete ERP Suite for Manufacturers

A Complete HCM Suite for Manufacturing and DistributionScissortail HCM is an all-in-one human capital management solution designed to help organizations in the manufacturing industry better manage their workforce. It offers a comprehensive set of modules and features that cater to the specific requirements of companies operating in this sector. Key Modules & Features: