William J. Morrison

Interface Specialist

At CS3 Technology since
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I’ve been an amateur Magician for 50 years, which helps explain my picture. My job with CS3 is to work magic with interfaces to make Abra Suite Work with
other systems that contain or use employee information. I also write custom utilities to make Abra Suite do things that it wasn’t designed to do. I
spent my first ten years in banking and public accounting before forming a payroll service. When Abra Suite was first introduced, we started using
it to serve the Human Resource needs of our clients. During my 25 years as President of Employer Solutions I had to handle data conversions from and
to almost every computer system on the market and interface with banks, time clock companies, accounting systems, other service bureaus and more. My
work at CS3 is made possible because of that experience. In late 1999 I sold the Payroll Business and specialized in Abra Suite. A couple years later
I merged the business with a company called i.c.bleu which eventually merged with CS3. I have been an Enrolled Agent and a Certified Payroll Professional
and have served as President of the Business Partner Council of Sage Software (then Best Software). During those years I was blessed to work with Brandi
and Gary at CS3. I am an independent contractor working exclusively for CS3 and I work as much as they need me. The rest of my time is spent between
Michigan and Texas where my daughters and granddaughters live. Regardless of where I am, however, I’m always on call to help CS3 clients get more out
of their systems.

The “Pet Rock”. I believe in thinking “outside the box” and the person who dreamed up the Pet Rock was thinking WAY outside the box.

Johnny Carson, “24” and Glee.

Since my late wife was the gourmet cook, I am basically good at Lean Cuisine. When I need to take something to a pot luck I refer to an old favorite.
Heat equal parts of grape jelly and plain old yellow mustard in a crock pot. When hot the melt together into a wonderful sauce. Add baby sausages or
hot dog pieces and you have an excellent appetizer. Don’t knock it till you try it.

William J. Morrison

is no longer an employee at CS3 Technology


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