Mary Anne Giezentanner

Senior Application Consultant

At CS3 Technology since
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I joined the CS3 team in February 2015. Having worked with CS3 as a customer in the past, I knew this was a company with strong values and a mission to
provide clients with solutions through technology and teamwork; definitely the place for me!

I enjoyed a career in Human Resource Management and Payroll Administration for 12 years, and hold an SPHR certification from the Human Resource Certification
Institute (HRCI). I believe my time in the field, along with my technical skills, gives me valuable insight into the customer’s perspective and helps
me to meet their needs as a consultant.

You are a die-hard fan of…

Mickey Mouse. I just can’t help but smile when I see that mouse! I met Mickey on a family trip to Disneyland when I was 4. I was so enamored by him.
I’m just obsessed with Mickey Mouse; probably way over the top. Disney World will always be my dream vacation, no matter how many times I go!

Favorite Historical Figure?

Ella Fitzgerald, the “First Lady of Song.” Her voice was magical when she sang ballads or upbeat jazz standards.

Most beautiful vacation spot on Earth?

I’d have to say that Disney World is the most beautiful vacation spot on Earth. See? I told you I’m obsessed!

Favorite childhood memory?

Any time I spent with my Mema. She was so loving. She would always let me know she was proud of me by saying, “That’s my girl! That’s MY girl!” She
had the kindest heart, a genuine laugh, and smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

What have you tried that you are simply not good at?

Geometry. Anything that requires spacial reasoning is ridiculously challenging. Yes, this includes parking the car and backing up. Yikes!

What do you think must be the worst occupation?

In light of my answer to the previous question, I’d have to say a valet parking attendant.

Mary Anne Giezentanner

is no longer an employee at CS3 Technology


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