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What are the benefits of Employee Self Service?

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Feb 18

Holly Novak

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What are the benefits to your employees and managers by having Employee Self Service (ESS)? There are oodles of them!

First of all, giving access to your employees to update their personal information will save the human resource staff loads of time and reduce the amount of manual data entry as well as open the door for employees to have instant access to their information! Employees will have the ability to access and update personal information to include address, phone number, skills, education, emergency contacts, and dependents/beneficiaries. They can also manage their time-off and view balances through ESS.

In addition to being able to update their information, employees will have the ability to view benefit information, job history, performance review information, tax information, and payroll information including pay history and pay stubs. You also have the ability to add customized pages that could contain important documents, messages, and third-party links for easy employee and manager access.

What about the Supervisors? Well, they will have instant access to comprehensive employee data for both direct and indirect reports. They can review attendance information, salary history, job history, emergency contacts, education, and much more!

Bottom line is that Sage Employee Self Service is a fantastic way to increase employee and supervisor satisfaction by giving employees ownership of their personal information!

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