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Top 5 Game-Changing Features of Scissortail HCM for HR Managers

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Aug 24

Alina Johnston

As an experienced Office Manager, finding ways to streamline HR processes is always on my mind. That’s why I was excited to discover Scissortail HCM, a human capital management software that has revolutionized the way I manage HR tasks. In this post, I share my top 5 favorite features of Scissortail HCM and how they have made my job easier and more efficient. From payroll to recruitment, this software has proven to be a game-changer for HR managers like me. So without further ado, let’s dive into the features that have made a significant impact on my daily work life.

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  1. Pay Prep Process – Who doesn’t love a good checklist? Even though most processes become second nature the more you do them, being able to check off steps as I complete them helps to ensure that errors are caught, and everyone gets paid.
  2. Master Data Changes Report – This is a quick and efficient way to track what has changed since the last payroll. It shows what an administrator has updated but also what an employee may have changed on their own profile. It can help me pinpoint data to double check and is great way to have checks and balances in the payroll process.
  3. Compensation Manager – This takes the guess work out of planning and budgeting for mass compensation changes. Set a budget, allocate the budget, get approval, and import the new wages. Using this tool eliminates the need for me to go into each employee’s profile to do manual updates.
  4. Recruitment – Having our applicants complete their application through Scissortail eliminates a lot of data entry and allows us to track where they are in the application process. When we are ready to hire, all the information from their application loads to create their employee profile. 
  5. Announcements – Using pop up announcements is a great way to get a message out to my team without sending another email that may get overlooked.

What’s New at Work

I just passed the 7-month mark in my role here as Office Manager at CS3 Technology. I work out of the CS3 headquarters in Tulsa, OK but enjoy the flexibility to occasionally work from home. The team has been very welcoming as I learn more about my role and I support them in any way I can.

What’s New at Home

I have a husband of 17 years, a 14-year-old daughter, 10-year-old son, and 2 feline friends, so my days are quite full. With social events, theater rehearsals, drum lessons, and church activities, I may have missed my calling to be a professional chauffeur. 

My husband and I bought a new house just before the holidays and we have enjoyed making it our own and hosting our Texas family members. We recently purchased a drum set for our son to practice on at home and now we all need some noise canceling headphones to go along with it.

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