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Tone at the Top

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As a sales rep for ERP and HRIS software systems, I have the opportunity to interact with a variety of employees  at many companies. I have often noted that when I encounter staff or management  that has a "can do" spirit, you will usually find that the owner or executive team  also has that same spirit. Whatever the "tone at the top" is, you will find throughout  the organization. If the employees of the firm displays distrust, rudeness, or  other negative traits, they are typically found in the executive team also. I recently  had an appointment with a client that was always negative.

To my surprise the client  displayed a new positive attitude, had a smile and was ready to charge through  the pending tasks. He quickly shared that a new member had been added to the executive  team. He went on to share what a great person this new executive is and how the  morale of the entire organization had been improved since the new exec had come  on board.

While each of us can have a positive impact on the organizations we work for, the greater influence is from the top. I must say that at CS3 the tone at
the top is integrity, attention to the details, and focusing on value. I think  this is why our firm is so successful. Your thoughts?

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