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How to staff properly without excessive overtime

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Oct 24

Mary Lou Garcia

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Scissortail Top 5 Favorites from our Time and Labor Management Specialist

5.  REPORTING that is really easy.

The ease to run and create reports that can be customized to a clients need. Reports can be  scheduled and  delivered  from within Scissortail HCM.

4.  TIMESHEETS that can be managed according to your company policy.

Group punching  for a  group of employees  who work  on the  same job and  begin  and end   their  shifts at  same time. Users can easily track time based on task or activity and assign to projects.

3. ABSENCE and LEAVE MANAGEMENT that lets you keep PTO up to date.

Employees can submit paid time off(PTO) or leave of absence requests that managers can approve or deny within Scissortail. Employee has the ability to view their  current Accrual Balances  within their profile.

2.  SCHEDULES that ensure staffing reflects daily work demands.

The ability to create schedules that align staffing requirements with budget, skills, and  staffing demand.

1 . MOBILE APP that give employees independence.

Whether you’re in the workplace, on the road, or working remotely, the mobile app connects  you anytime, anywhere to all your Scissortail HCM needs  such  as payroll, NR and time.



What’s New  at  Work

We are  in  the last quarter of the year,  time  for Year End  and  Benefit Open enrollments.  Our entire support staff is super busy from now till January 31st. No vacations for us! You can help by sending any support ticket to our website or We don't want a support question to get lost in voicemails or emails!


What’s New Outside of Work

It’s  FALL and its football weather. I am so looking  forward  to the  nice  cool weather after  the scorching summer  here in El Paso, Texas!!!!


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