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Scissortail TLM Tip: Approving Timesheets

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Oct 24

Mary Lou Garcia

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In Scissortail, Timesheet Approvals are part of the process of verifying and approving an employee’s Timesheet in order to submit their hours to Payroll. Approving Timesheets is verifying and ensuring that an employee’s time or hours worked, any kind of leave taken, or other entries on the timesheet were properly entered before processing it for employees’ payroll.   

This verification and approval process or task can be completed by a Manager, Supervisor, an Admin, or Payroll agent depending on the client’s business needs and structure. 

Before a Timesheet can be verified and approved, it must first be manually submitted in the system by the employee or automatically submitted at the end of the pay period. At that point, the Manager or Supervisor will receive the submitted Timesheet for their review. But before the Manager or Supervisor approves or rejects the timesheet, they should review it for any errors to prevent any possible payroll discrepancies.

If the Timesheet looks correct and accurate, the Manager or Supervisor can approve it for Payroll. If there are any errors or discrepancies in the time entries, the Manager or Supervisor can reject the Timesheet. It can then be returned to the employee with comments about what was found incorrect or problematic. The employee can now be requested to fix the issues then resubmit their time.

Tip: Timesheet Approvals can be put on a repeating schedule. Notifications can be sent to remind Supervisors or Managers to review and approve all Timesheets by a certain date and time in the Scissortail payroll system.

Timesheet Approvals can be approved by Manager or Supervisor through the To Do List (Bell) on the Dashboard in Scissortail. Approvals can be done as a group which can save time during the payroll process, or individually, in cases where it’s warranted.

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These timesheet submissions can also be approved by accessing employees’ timesheets and approving the timesheet individually in cases where it’s required.

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If you’re excited to simplify your timesheet approval processes, or are interested in more tips and tricks like these, feel free to contact the CS3 Team

We’re happy to help and would love to show you all the fabulous features and benefits of a software solution for your business or organization.

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