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Scissortail Tip – More Than One Way to Navigate in Scissortail

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Aug 25

Bonnie Molina

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Scissortail Tip – More Than One Way to Navigate in Scissortail

The euphemisms - There is more than one way to tie a shoelace, there is more than one road to Timbuktu, there is more than one way to get something done, and most parents favorite, there is a right way, a wrong way, and my way.  We can add one more…with Scissortail there is usually more than one way to navigate.  

Navigation in Scissortail can be by menu, search, widgets, buttons, three blue dots, high-lighted white or blue words, and back arrow. Clicking on the Scissortail HCM logo on the top left will take you to the home screen. All these options will get you where you want to go and one, or a combination of some, will become “your way.” 

Menu navigation starts with clicking on the hamburger in the top left, then navigating through the menu tree. This takes the most steps, but it also shows you where everything is within Scissortail. The menu way has become “my way” and is what I prefer with a combination of using the search options.

Search navigation on the top right of the screen or after clicking on the hamburger is another search option and the shortest way.  Type in hot words and Scissortail will give a list of options or type in an employee’s first or last name and navigate to the employee record by clicking on the name. The more specific the hot words, the fewer options to pick from, even though it takes some practice but is well worth trying. 

Widgets on a dashboard are icons that when hovered over with the mouse pointer tell you where the link will go. These Icons are used mostly in Employee Self Service or ESS and navigate to My Time Keeping, My Time Off, and My Pay. 

Buttons are used in a report and are usually at the front or left side of the screen; each line will have a series of buttons. Employee reports will give you the option to go directly to the employee record or quick links. A common button is a pencil which is an edit button. The trash can button deletes the line so use with caution. The button, most often found at the far right, that is the two arrows that cross over each other will navigate to the workflow. 

The three blue dots on the top left corner of a widget, report, or at the end of the information are actions or functions. For example, in an employee record, depending on the security level, there are three blue dots in the Accruals widget, to view history, execute the rule, or edit. 

High-lighted white or blue words are available all over Scissortail. White words are on the home screen top menu bar. Blue words are on top tabs, inside widgets, inside reports. Wherever a blue word is highlighted, it will navigate to the master record for that item. For example, inside an employee record and in the Account information widget, the word Locale is blue depending on the security level and will navigate to a list of locations for the company. 

The back arrow is a very important navigation tool and is located next to the page title, not the browser back arrow. When jumping forward to an accrual, profile option, timesheet option, locale, etc., clicking on this back arrow will navigate back to the previous screen. 

Remember clicking on the Scissortail HCM logo is available on all screens and will quickly navigate back to the home screen. 

All these options will get you where you want to go and one or a combination of some will become “your way.”

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