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Scissortail HCM Adds Great New Features (Release R81)

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May 28

Bonnie Molina

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Scissortail HCM R81Release Highlights

Scissortail HCM R81 Release happened on 6/22/2022 with several enhancements that have been implemented to increase security and administrative functionality streamlined.

Payroll enhancements are concentrated mostly in the reporting: four new columns to pick from In four payroll reports. Also the ability to reset the “Mark as Complete” box when processing payroll, and masking of employee bank account numbers.

Timesheet cost center have a new enhancement that gives time administrators access to cost centers outside of the employee’s limit list. Cost centers can now be copy and pasted into time entries no matter the display type.

Scissortail HCM experience changes include, checklist custom form security settings and a new asset field available, new group selection permissions, and the ability to give feedback directly to the development team on new enhancements in real time.

HR Modules enhancements for administrators include, survey assignment options, one-click migration with a new button, recruitment marketplace item to be able to post jobs on major sites without creating an account called eQuestXpress, Eligibility Period Days and a dropdown to choose additional dates instead of just the hire date, a checkbox next to Open Date which will allow organizations to freeze employees on worksheets, and HR Learning, a brand new marketplace module that has training materials for certifications and will be available on the mobile app.

All the enhancements are to improve the user experience. Scissortail Support is available to answer questions, reach out to us at  

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