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Sage HRMS Employee Self Service (ESS) and Benefits Enrollment

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Oct 24

Jim Scheithauer

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You can empower your employees with these two modules offered by Sage. Think about all the time your HR/PR staff will save when employees can view/update their HR/PR information and make their changes/elections on benefits. And time saved equals money saved. Let's review the modules and their high points.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESS is an automated system that can empower employees, managers, and administrators with daily company business processes. Here are a few examples:

  • Access Personal Information: Employees can view, add, or change personal information on many HRMS screens that can be made available by company. Employee changes can be reviewed by administrators before approving the update to the system. Employees can access links provided by company for items such as employee handbooks.
  • Time Off management: Employees can view their attendance plans for time available and taken. Then request time off, which can start workflow to gain the approvals before recording it in ESS.
  • Payroll Information: Employees can view their paychecks, print past paystubs, view current deductions and tax (W4) information, and make changes as they desire.
  • Benefits Information: Employees can view their current benefits, add dependents.
  • Managers/Supervisors: Managers and supervisors can view HR/PR information of their employees, view attendance plans and approve time-off requests. They can review valuable information for managing departments or groups.

Benefits Enrollment

Benefits Enrollment is an automated system that allows employees to view or update benefit elections via life events or yearly open enrollments. They can make changes to marital status, update dependents, or access links provided by company to 401k and benefit providers. With this safe and secure system, employees can access anytime and from anywhere. Then the information can be rolled over to HRMS and benefits and deductions updated accordingly.

These two powerful modules can increase employee engagement and make administrator jobs easier.

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